HOME Film Pass

See everything everywhere (almost all at once) with our new HOME Film Pass!

Experience new releases at HOME, any time, as many times as you like for one monthly price.

For just £18 you’ll also get a range of perks to make the most of your experience, including 10% off all food and soft drinks.

The HOME Film Pass includes:

  • Unlimited film tickets to any films at HOME*
  • 10% off all food and soft drinks at HOME including our café bar and restaurant
  • £10 tickets for National Theatre Live
  • 20% off popcorn
  • No booking fees on pass tickets
  • Cancel at any time (please give 5 working days notice)

The HOME Film Pass is a rolling monthly subscription of £18. You can cancel anytime with 5 working days notice.

*excludes specific screenings

Film Pass FAQs

You can use your pass on any regular screenings across our cinemas (off-peak or peak)

Q&As, NT Live, and some special events and screenings are excluded, these will be clearly marked on the website.

You will receive a special discounted rate for NT Live screenings.

Just look at the film you’d like to see and book your ticket – it’s that simple! Make sure you are logged in and your ticket will automatically discount to zero when you go to the checkout.

Please note only one ticket will be discounted as part of your pass offer. If you are coming with another pass holder they will need to book separately.

The film pass is unlimited so you can come to as many screenings as you like. You can’t book two films taking place at the same time (as you can’t be two places at once!) We ask customers to book no more than 10 separate films in advance, to ensure there is enough availability for everyone. 

If you would like to see the same film again – you can. This just isn’t possible online so call the Box Office to book on again.

As HOME is a charity every ticket booked makes a difference. That’s why it’s really important you let us know if you can no longer attend so we can amend your booking. To cancel please email filmpass@homemcr.org

Our passes are digital! To access yours, login and head to My Account and HOME Film Pass. Here you can download your latest pass to use in our café bar and restaurant.

Please just show a member of staff your digital pass. This can be downloaded from the step above and saved to your smartphone.

If your tickets are not discounting and you have an active pass please contact the Box Office who will be able to help. Please double check the film you are booking applies to the pass before calling.

You can cancel your rolling monthly payment at any time. Please log in to your account and click on the Memberships tab. Then untick the ‘renew’ option for the HOME Film Pass.

Please give five working days notice for your payment to be cancelled.

  • The general HOME Terms and Conditions apply to any customers attending HOME. For full terms and conditions click here.
  • You may apply for a HOME Film Pass online, or via our Box Office. You will then receive email confirmation that your purchase has been successful.
  • HOME reserves the right to decline any Film Pass purchase at its discretion.
  • By purchasing a HOME Film Pass, you are confirming you are legally capable of entering into a binding contract, you are at least 18 years old and you are a resident of the UK or Ireland.
  • You understand by purchasing a HOME Film Pass you are agreeing to a monthly payment plan. This can be cancelled at any time by logging into your account or calling the Box Office.
  • Failure to pay will result in the suspension of the Film Pass until a successful payment has been made.
  • In order to claim relevant discounts in the café bar and restaurant, HOME Film Pass holders will need to show their digital membership card by logging into your account or downloading your digital card as a PDF.
  • The HOME Film Pass is not transferable or for sharing. Only the Pass holder will be entitled to use their Pass and it may not be used to obtain tickets or benefits to anyone else.
  • A valid HOME Film Pass entitles the Pass holder to one seat (subject to availability) for any film screening open to the general public (excluding special event cinema (eg NT Live) and premium events.
  • Events excluded from the Film Pass will be clearly marked on the HOME website.
  • All film screenings are subject to normal restrictions such as age certifications and availability.
  • Booking tickets online: Pass holders may book their tickets in advance by logging into their account online.
  • Booking tickets in person: Pass holders can book their tickets in person at the HOME Box Office.
  • The subscription fee will be taken in advance for the initial month period. This payment will then be automatically taken via credit card, debit card or HOME Gift Voucher at the end of the monthly membership cycle.
  • The HOME Film Pass can be cancelled at any time. Please allow at least 5 working days for this cancellation to take effect.
  • Each instalment will be paid from a nominated bank account. It will be automatically paid on the same day of each month. If this date falls on a weekend or bank holiday payment will be debited by your bank on the previous or next working day.
  • Please check with your bank for details.
  • Unless you cancel, your HOME Film Pass subscription will automatically continue.
  • Pass fees may be increased by HOME to reflect changes in standard ticket prices, inflation, additional taxes and costs.
  • HOME will ensure any increase is reasonable in the circumstances and you will be notified at least 30 days before it comes into effect.
  • Any questions or complaints should be directed to Ruth Jones, Head of Marketing via info@homemcr.org