Meet one of the HOME Young Writers

In summer 2022, four Young Writers from across Greater Manchester worked together to create a new play, which our Youth Theatre premiered in HOME’s studio theatre. We asked one of these amazing Young Writers about their experience of working on The Lost World.

What did you do during the project?
The project we were set was ‘a character enters a new world and finds’ of course as soon as the prompt was revealed a myriad of ideas flooded my mind! As a team (The Young Writers) we have collaborated and created the production known as ‘The Lost World’ which is about a young girls called Jessica who- to your average ol Joe- is quite a preppy and prissy character, she’s very entitled and as the blurb of the show describes ‘Doesn’t know the world outside her window is dying’.

During the project not only did I write but I got to learn about what actually goes into the making of a show. Along with the other writers we got to sit in on auditions and watch the workshop in action. I found it a really fun way to not only bond with the other writers but an innovative way to really see a potential cast in action.


Tell us about your experience.
I’ve always had a love for writing, so once I got started I just couldn’t stop, the experience with the others along with Kris and Tiffany was so fun and it was immediately (ever since the first session) such a warm, fun and welcoming environment. No session was ever boring!

Getting to know everyone as well was a great aspect of the course, you really start to feel like you’re a part of a team and you feel at home… at HOME; no pun intended.


Have there been any highlights?
I think the highlight of this whole experience really is the people you meet. Not only have I had the chance to bond with like minded and creative people to make a brilliant project, but I believe I’ve also made a few friends.

The fact that the sessions were also made to be really fun as well definitely was a highlight as together as a group we really had some good banter which contributed to the atmosphere as well as the script.

What have you learnt or taken away from this project?

I believe I’ve learnt more than I initially thought I would! You see I’ve never been all too good in groups solely out of fear of being pushed out or left behind- an experience I and many others understand all too well- but I didn’t let that deter me from applying; and I’m glad it didn’t.

I’ve learnt that working in a group doesn’t necessarily have to be a scary experience and after turning up on the first day I realised that it was never going to be a problem because everyone was so kind and we all listened to each other, finding ways to incorporate everyone’s ideas without it becoming a cluster of nonsense.


Would you encourage other young people to get involved with HOME?
Oh absolutely! It is a brilliant experience, one I would do again if ever given the opportunity. It’s definitely a great way to get involved with something creative and learn new skills; especially if your like me and nervous about putting yourself out there, it’s a great way to take a first step, as doing this project I have boosted not only my confidence but I feel as though I have taken my first step to feeling like a proper writer and knocking out that Imposter syndrome.


What do you do outside of HOME?
Outside of HOME I write! Currently I stand at four published books, three in series and one that stands alone. I specialise in Fantasy, Adventure & Science Fiction; I dabble into other genres occasionally but my true passion is the medieval worlds full of dragons, elves, dwarves, orcs and magic.

I sell my books mostly on Amazon but I do love to do giveaways of not just my books but others as well which are shown on my book account Noctonia.

My most recent book is titled ‘The Dragons of Thaveil’ it’s a fantasy adventure set around the daughter of Robin Hood sniffing out an adventure of her own; she’s heard tales of the dragons that lay beyond ‘Winter Hill’ and is determined to save them when she hears of a threat called ‘The Augury’; an organisation who are hell bent of controlling the world known… and the worlds unknown. This book is the prequel to my other book series ‘The Four Horsemen & Pan – The Nocturnal Affair’ and ‘Army of Shadows’. My next project will be ‘The Four Horsemen & Pan – The Wrath of Nyx’ This is the third instalment in the horsemen series which is the second to last in the saga which eventually will end in the apocalypse… & ‘The War on Sky’ which is a stand alone book set in the same world of Noctonia.

Other than this I like to get involved with Map Making & script writing with my current work in progress called ‘Imposter’ which is inspired by the myths and urban legends about the ‘Backrooms’ being polished off as we speak!