French GCSE Study Day 2024: Le Havre

Join us for a day of informal learning, for French GCSE students.

Tue 06 Feb – 10:00-13:00

This study morning aims to offer GCSE students the opportunity to see a film in French and discuss its plot and characters. Isabelle Vanderschelden will introduce the film Le Havre in English and occasionally in French, providing relevant background information and vocabulary on the main themes of the film (family, migration). The screening will be followed by language exercises in French to practise structures and vocabulary that are useful for describing the main characters and the film’s settings. Students will also be encouraged to comment on the film’s style and express critical opinions.

Le Havre (PG)

Dir Aki Kaurismäki/ 2011/ 93 mins

Aki Kaurismäki, the Finnish master of deadpan, relocates to the French industrial port of Le Havre for this comedy drama. Playful yet tender, the film recounts the story of Marcel, a down-at-heel husband with an ad hoc shoeshine business and an ailing wife. Marcel risks all to rally his friends and neighbours to unite and help to protect a young African immigrant struggling to find his mother.


3 hours

This event is for teachers and students, teachers may not attend without students.

£8 per student

Tickets for this event will go on sale Tue 12 Sep 23, and cost £8 per student.

To book:

  • Tickets go on sale on Tue 12 Sep 23
  • Email
  • Please detail the number of student and teacher tickets required
  • This event is open only to pupils and their teachers