German GCSE Study Morning: Goodbye Berlin

Join us for our German GCSE study morning, a fun and interactive way to engage students in German language outside of the classroom! 

This session will be led by Sebastian Truskolaski, lecturer in German Cultural Studies at the University of Manchester. The day will include an introduction from Sebastian, providing contextual information and key words. This will be followed by a screening of Goodbye Berlin, helping learners explore a range of topics related to German language and culture. Sebastian will lead a series of exercises exploring themes and topics covered on the German GCSE syllabus.  

Screening: Goodbye Berlin 
Dir Fatih Akin / Germany 2016
93 mins / German with English subtitles

While his mother is in rehab and his father is on a ‘business trip’ with his assistant, 14-year-old outsider Maik is spending the summer holidays bored and alone in his parents’ villa. Then rebellious teenage outcast Tschick appears and when he steals a car and decides to set off on journey away from Berlin, Maik tags along for the ride. They experience a trip of a lifetime and share a summer they will never forget.   

Goodbye Berlin or Tschick is a recent film about young people and their personal experience of the legacy of the post-war division of Germany into East and West. The film is funny, touching, personal and relatable to young people born after the reunification. Sebastian will contextualise the film and explore the themes of history, tolerance, regional difference, memory. 

180 minutes

£8 per student – teachers go free

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  • Doors open to school groups at 09:45

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